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The University and College Union campaigns for the improvement of the pay and conditions of further and higher education staff through the UK, and for the provision of high quality education opportunities.

USS pension dispute: Setting and assessment boycott

The campaign against the USS pensions changes is reaching a critical point. Unless the employers see sense, there will be setting and assessment boycott starting on November 6th. The turnout and support for the industrial action was the highest in the UCU's history: let's make it count and show the employers that we will no longer tolerate these attacks on our pay and pensions.

What's really happening to academic salaries.

Read about the UCU take on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), undertaken by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Letter to students about the 2 hour strikes

Sally Hunt, the General Secretary of the UCU, has sent around a letter template for explaining to our students why we are taking industrial. It is attached to this post and can be downloaded for editing.

Letter from Sally Hunt about the 2 hour strikes

Dear colleague,
Forgive me writing so soon after my last message.  However, as you may have seen from the national press, there has been quite a reaction to our announcement yesterday of a series of two-hour strikes starting on 23 January. The story was picked up in the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph and the Times Higher and the announcement of our 2 hour strikes has clearly rattled the employers’ body UCEA. You can

Industrial Action: 2013 pay and conditions campaign

Aston UCU committee is asking members to take part in the industrial action for improved pay and conditions. See the UCU national office leaflet at the bottom of this article for more information about the pay situation and why the UCU called for a vote on strike action and action short of a strike. There was a clear majority in favour of both and it is important that the Aston branch accepts and supports the democratic outcome.

Research Evaluation Framework (REF)

As the REF draws to a conclusion, please let us know your experiences, good or bad. Aston University has been clear that people will not be be penalised in any way as a result of the REF, especially with respect to whether or not they have been included. We welcome this but are keen to ensure that there are no individual departments where a different attitude is being espoused. If you feel you have been unfairly treated, then please get in touch with us.

Save our nursery

Aston Nursery is under threat once again. Members will remember that the nursery moved onto the Matthew Boulton site three years ago. Matthew Boulton are now ending their nursery provision for students. As a result, Aston is reviewing our own nursery provision.

UCU believes that campus nurseries are an essential service for students and staff and we are working with other campus unions and nursery staff to save the nursery.

Student qualification funding cuts - the issue

In September 2007 the government announced that, from 2008, it proposes to withdraw £100m of funding for students studying for a higher education qualification equivalent to, or lower than, a qualification (ELQ) that they have already been awarded

These plans for students contradict the government's own lifelong learning agenda and will hit universities offering courses to adults and part-time students the hardest.

Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning

Rising charges and course cut backs have seen two million learners' places lost from further and adult education in England since 2005. Now groups representing students, staff and local communities have come together to campaign for the right of everyone to access to learning irrespective of class, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, asylum status or employment.

Points-based Immigration

Points-based immigrationThe government is embarking upon a major attack on the civil liberties of staff and students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Among the draconian measures included in the crackdown are: