Final pay offer

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 07:33

The last timetabled negotiating meeting took place through JNCHES on 27 April and the national employers' representatives UCEA made a final offer, which included a base pay uplift of 1.7%, with higher increases for the lower paid.The full offer is in a file attached to this article.

We need to know what you think. The Branch has to report back to the national UCU with its view on the pay offer by May 12th so there is no time to organise a meeting where everyone has a chance to attend. Therefore we are asking you to give us your view by email.

Please email Pam Lowe, the Branch Chair, at with your view using your Aston email account. Give the subject as "Pay offer" and put either the word "accept" or "reject" on the first line. You are welcome to provide additional views if you wish but your email will be treated as completely confidential unless you state otherwise.

Note that universities enjoyed a £2.34bn surplus for the year, compared to £1.58bn in 2014/15 and that staff pay has decreased as a proportion of overall expenditure.